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This task assumes that each draftable player has a specific value (for example, looking at the ratings from FantasyPros).A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.Import once all required js files from Django project templates at the end of generated html document for optimization purpose.Generic drag-and-drop sorting for the List, the Stacked- and the Tabular-Inlines Views in the Django Admin.A raw SQL migration toolfor managing your database without an ORM.A simple json schema generator based on json resource with auto validation tools.

Python 4chan API Wrapper, written by Edgeworth E. Euler. Updated by the Bibliotheca Anonoma to work with 4chan CDN changes.Optical character recognition model for Tensorflow based on Visual Attention.ZNagios provides the ability for Nagios and munin to tap into the Zope2 server and retrieve status and performance data.

A Python lib to parse the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography.Optimized for ease of use through class construction and operator overload.A collection of tools that simplify the downloading and handling of datasets used for Optical Music Recognition (OMR).A command line tool to aid in the development of banner ad campaigns.Form and model fields for storing durations on Django models as ISO 8601 compliant strings, and returning relativedelta objects.A full-featured application for Django to handle spotnet posts.The missing dead simple Django database configuration options.

Python library to backtest trading strategies and analyze markets.Generates a series of 3D point clouds around geometric shapes.Set of Git hooks for pep8, pyflakes, jslint and trac integration.A python package for parsing and working with Figura config files.It also documents by-code many context variables for each page.

A simple library that consists of all basic operations and complex algorithm present on the globe.Generate gene and species trees from thousands of loci using Map-Reduce.Cython wrappers for Polya gamma random number generation based on Jesse.Python classes generated from the GTFS-realtime protocol buffer specification.Library for migrating content from Trunity 2 to Trunity 3 learning platform.

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Provides test results of unittest in JSON format, in order to be able to use the results programmatically.Generate marshmallow schemas from type annotations and decorators.CYaRon: Yet Another Random Olympic-iNformatics test data generator, A library for automatically generating test data for Online Judge, Olympic Informatics or automatic application testing.Fretboard is a python library for generating SVG fretboard images and chord charts in Python.Allows site administrator to quickly put a global alert on the site.Portofel de hârtie generat la Portofele online. BitGo; Blockchain; Coin.Space; Coinapult;. Aceste tranzacții au loc prin intermediul siturilor de.

Hal is a from-scratch home-made multipurpose library to perform most of stuff in python.A Python library to work with elements, ideals, ideal classes and class groups from quadratic integer rings.

Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Backup Client Library for Python.ARM mbed command line tool for repositories version control, publishing and updating code from remotely hosted repositories (GitHub, GitLab and, and invoking mbed OS own build system and export functions, among other operations.Generate made-up words following the patterns used by real English words.This package contains commoncode for CloudShell packages, including logging, basic interfaces and other utilities.Create your sales quotations directly from the Business Requirements deliverables.Framework for autonomous exploration algorithms in sensorimotor spaces.Excellent for event-loop task registration.Also included are nesting attribute-access dictionaries (Bunches) as well as value storage with callbacks.Flask integration with PayPal, mainly focused on subscriptions.

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