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Bitcoin Meta your communities. Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities company blog. Tour.And in that 5 years it has done a better job of translating basic language into 30 or 40 other languages than any human possibly can in their lifetimes.Anyway, as I said above, most of our current models for getting to AGI involve the AI getting there by self-improvement.An entity more intelligent than us, who makes decisions, with our and its (since it would have originated from us) best interest in mind.Most people would screw up, and drive them selves crazy, or just use it as a drug.So developing better AI instead of worrying about climate change could actually lead to climate change being solved by accident through AI.Contrary to the beliefs of the pie in sky optimists like Ray Kurzweil, we are living in an age of technological stagnation.

They also failed to predict the internet, smartphones or VMs.If we look at it, most of our technological advancements are related to machines that can calculate, do physical work, etc. etc. But we are yet to understand the brain even a slight bit.Creating the technology to reverse human aging, curing disease and hunger and even mortality, reprogramming the weather to protect the future of life on Earth—all suddenly possible.Other breakthroughs such as the idea of Higgs Boson was credited half a century later (Nobel Prize 2013) because only now have we found the evidence for its existence.Create a mechanical heart that operates in basically the same way an organic heart would, we have the resources and technology nowadays to recreate basically any kind of synthetic element that would mock if not match the properties of an organic element.This has not changed ever since modern science emerged in the 1700s.

Grade school me could not have conceived how 2015 me lives and works on a daily basis, he just did not have the information needed to make those predictions.If our brain could accept these artifical neurons, then we will become really intelligent.Your comment about the Chinese room and the whole thought experiment of the Chinese room begs the question: What is conciousness.Good Morning – Today is series S2H very iffy and the spill is down.Yesterday the idea of a more 2 way trade: “Like Tuesday -we should have more 2 -way trade.–Bitcoin cryptographic mining provides verification. (LOC) wants to offer them. - Fractal visibility of ledger data.The car will soon recognize the bicycle, but also the direction of the bike, and the steering inputs the bike is getting, and pre-avoid a collision in where the bike is going.Studying and understanding people as well as machines seems necessary.

We need just insane amount of computing power, BCI, and artifical neural network.

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Author: Topic: 2017 Bitcoin Price-Chart: the price is fractal, so the pattern will repeat. (Read 9311 times).So a DPU took over 100,000 years in hunter-gatherer times, but at the post-Agricultural Revolution rate, it only took about 12,000 years.Technology is what allows as to be humans and improve opur humanity (save more lives, prolong them, improve our education and, yes, our biosphere too.And his DNA contains more data than all data-centres and connected hard drives combined.There was a time that human-optimized machine code was better than the output of a C compiler.I do agree, that it would be best if AI grew up in a human context, but this is not the way.

Once it has surpassed human intelligence, it would be silly to claim it was owned by anyone but itself.These files are encoded using MPEG-1 (for the 320x240) and MPEG-2 (for the 720x480). To view the MPEG-2 files you will need the proper codec.Imagine taking a time machine back to 1750—a time when the world was in a permanent power outage, long-distance communication meant either yelling loudly or firing a cannon in the air, and all transportation ran on hay.However, it gave rise to us who can do in minutes what would take millions of years to evolve.Power over people comes from a lot of things but primarily power comes from the ability to get other people to do things you want for you.We, on the other hand, could specifically direct this evolutionary process toward increasing intelligence.

That was such a gloss over what I would consider is probably one of the most exciting and most potential filled area in AI: Evolving Hardware.I agree that some of the predictions in this article are exaggerated.Page 71- Cryptocurrency Mining - BitCoin, Ethereum, Z-Cash, etc Software lab501 forum > IT. Recompensa va fi 3 in loc de 5 ( nu e batut in cuie ).

The explosion of technological advances after the Renaissance came from the paradigm of the Scientific Method — a way of examing and testing the world.My optimistic side believes progress will be able to stay one step ahead of disaster but I also fear mother nature is too balanced not to put a check on our technological advancement at some point. 12,000 years is less than a coffee break for her.

I think the ASI would have such a unique perspective, not just in scope and data but also without emotional and biological baggage in the way we do, so who knows.DIYPC Solo-T1-R Black USB 3.0 ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case with 2 x Red Fa.The Tower of Babel is a story from the Bronze Age when people deemed ambitions such as building a tall tower too arrogant and an insult to God.This seems to be a set curriculum schedule for all who rebel, who get this same schedule.On the contrary, it is a quantum leap in evolution, leading to a new kind of organism.This does not mean no progress has been made on technologies which would revolutionize the world.To me much of the advances in communications in recent years are primarily fads and gimmicks driven by the capitalist system.

Your writing has a wonderful (and hilarious) way of making difficult topics easier to;dr: Bitcoin is the first crypto-currency to receive mainstream attention, and it’s reception may decide the success or failure of this new form of financial.Until that admin is replaced by a remote admin watching a dozen boxes, and then he gets replaced by an AI that watches those boxes.Neural networks can only allow a machine to learn via the pre-defined parameters set by the programmer.If we assume another shape for the curve (of the infinite possible options), then the conclusion does not follow.Google Translate is another classic ANI system—impressively good at one narrow task.Or we would transform in a new specie, translating our consciousness in machine code, we would be a self aware code traveling from body to body.

One assumption in the idea of accelerating human progress worth discussing is that a major disaster (meteor, disease, passing a population crunch point) could set us back a long way a bit like the dark ages that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire (concrete, for example, the Romans used and we have only just rediscovered).AI Caliber 1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Sometimes referred to as Weak AI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence is AI that specializes in one area.It is only a simulation of what a human does, but is something completely different.I follow your point, but I think this idea gets muddied a bit by the things we, literally, take for granted in 2015 daily life.Artificial Narrow Intelligence is machine intelligence that equals or exceeds human intelligence or efficiency at a specific thing.This is consistent with the fact that human life cycles are very long and thus need hundreds of thousands of years to evolve some new features.

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